Church History

We can learn from history instead of doing the same journey generation after generation. We remember the history of our Church so we can build on that which is already gone before. Ps Arthur Magrath

The Church was pioneered by Pastor Richard Nash of Charlestown Christian Family Church as an Assemblies of God Church in the Medowie Community Hall in 1985.

The Church was registered as an Assemblies of God Church on the 8th March, 1989. It was known as Medowie Christian Family Church.

Two men who gave leadership and ministry to the Church were Pastor Martin Allsopp and Pastor Neil Bowden, both from Charlestown Christian Family Church. Eventually Pastor Neil Bowden become the Senior Pastor of Medowie Christian Family Church until July 1990. Pastor Neil Bowden started meetings in the Medowie Primary School. He established a Christian Book Shop for a period of time.

In July 1990, Pastor Arthur Magrath became the Senior Pastor of the Church until the 12th April 2015. Church services continued at Medowie Primary School, then at Wirreanda Primary School, until meetings returned to Medowie Community Centre.

With Church attendance increasing and decreasing like the tide, in 1993 the Church sent Russell Magrath to Dungog to fulfil a request for ministry until 1994.

In 1998 Jill Magrath received her PMC from the Assemblies of God and became Assistant Pastor of the Church.

In the late 1990’s the Church street sign was erected on Fraser’s property which is on Medowie Road declaring “Hurting? God Cares” which was shortly replaced with the phrase, “Who Cares? God does. And so do we!”

The Church started the Seniors Group on the 7th July 1998, and was led by Lois Kearns. The Church ran a computer training course which was led by Arthur Knight and youth work was headed by Marcus Magrath in the late 1990’s.

Opportunity Knocks Medowie was opened on 3rd June 2000. This was located in the old shopping complex Medowie, on Ferodale Road. The op shop was managed by Pastor Jill Magrath from its inception.

On the 9th December 2002, the Church became an incorporation becoming known as “Medowie Assembly of God Inc.”

The Church ran many Work for the Dole programs, some 27 in number, from the early 2000’s till approximately 2007-2008. The finance from the Work for the Dole programs gave the Church a deposit to buy a Church Office at 60 Silver Wattle Drive, Medowie.

Food Connection began serving sit down 2 course meals in the Medowie Community Centre from 2007 to 2008 which later became Food Way which was run from the Church Office at 60 Silver Wattle Drive Medowie in 2009.

Pastor Arthur Magrath oversaw all these programs from 1990 till 2015. There are countless stories of how the miracles and provision of God caused His programs to start, function and show the practical love of Jesus Christ to this community, which was the reason for our Church street sign.

Adam Cook began travelling to Medowie, sent out by Hunter Valley CLC to do some preaching. In November 2007, Adam moved to Medowie Assembly of God Church as an Assistant Pastor with his wife Lisa and son William.

Pastor Adam became credentialed as an Ordained Minister by the Assemblies of God through the assistance of Medowie Assembly of God Church and became the Senior Pastor of the Church on the 13th April 2015.

“This is no ordinary Church. It is a miracle Church and the miracles will keep coming while we remember to build on as God leads.” Ps Arthur Magrath